Use a Reverse Mortgage to Supplement Your Retirement Portfolio

And greatly increase the chance of meeting your spending goals.

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      Client Info            
    Dates Month   Day Year  
    Borrower Birth Date     The youngest borrower must be at least 62 on the loan's closing date.
    Co-Borrower Birth Date (if any)    
    Home's Zip Code     Just 5 digits, not zip + 4
    Current Home Value     Best estimate of what a current appraisal would be.
    Current Total Liens to be Paid Off        Liens against the home.
    Current Monthly Lien Payments     No more payments increases retirement spending.
    Current Portfolio Value     Market Value of your retirement portfolio
    Portfolio Asset Allocation 60% or 70% in Equities gives better results
  Portfolio Supplement              
    Desired Portfolio Draw Rate %   For example, 6.0% in the first year
    Planning Horizon     Retirement Spending Years likely 30 or more
    Interim Year to Review     15 years out is a good starting point
  Running 2,000 Monte Carlo iterations thru thousands of calculations over forty years takes less than 5 seconds.
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